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You May Refer to me as Goddess Lola Atlas.

With over three years of experience effortlessly feasting on wallets, manipulating the fragile male ego, and taking advantage of the countless men that BEG for the chance to have me exploit their finances, I have become the epitome of a successful and sensual, British Findom.

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Having traveled the world of off the backs of an endless stream of weaklings who so desperately dedicate themselves to serving and slaving away whilst I in turn experience a fruitful, lavish, carefree, and luxurious lifestyle… The world truly is my oyster, and you are but another potential play thing who in due time, may earn the privilege of having my name written all over those outgoing bank statements of yours.

Nothing brings me more satisfaction than collaborating my love for the financial submissive, with my kinky and fetish friendly desires. These include Body worship, degradation, humiliation, SPH, JOI, home wrecking, edging, cuckholding, and aftercare (just to name a few.) My approach varies depending on mood and personal rapport developed with each and every individual submissive interaction. I have both the ability to be soft, sensual, and nurturing, as well as the tendency to be sharp, bratty, and demanding. Think you’re ready to serve? Think you have what it takes to please me? Approach at your own expense.

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