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Not every submissive gets the pleasure of serving irl.

Not every submissive can afford it.

To be considered for such a privilege, an initial tribute and deposit is expected. NO exceptions.

My power is indisputable… just watch as this little finslut excitedly counts up my £2.5k. His little boner poking through his shorts, as I offer him a slap around the face which of course, he enthusiastically consented to. Good boy.

Another day in the life of being a detrimental risk to your findom addiction.

To think of all the losers that envy my bitch boy. Dreaming of experiencing the immeasurable pleasure. Grazing their dirty undeserving tongues, along the bottom of my boot.. That could very well be your reality, given that you can afford it.

You could take me on a 1k+ shopping spree, carry all my bags like a good little bitch boy, and hand me more cash thereafter...

and still, I'll find you revoltingly grotesque, as you get the chance to kiss my shoe as you so pathetically begged. Lol. Loser.

Bitch boys love Lola. And Lola loves moulding bitch boys, into well mannered little loser. Example A...

How lucky is this pig? He got to feel the perfect weight of my foot, kicking his back... I know you wish you were him. Only issue is that you most likely can't fucking afford it.


Prove me wrong....

Watch as my sub counts up my money for me. Adorable... He was 𝙎𝙊 thankful for the opportunity to serve irl, as I enjoyed myself whilst relaxing, sipping on Moët, and exploiting his little bitch ass for my personal pleasure

Drinking expensive bottles of Champagne, whilst my sub drinks luke-warm Peroni beer... Honestly though, he's lucky I let him hydrate at all. I'm 𝙎𝙐𝘾𝙃 a generous Goddess. Cheers.

It's fun sharing new toys with friends. He even had the privilege of taking us for lunch, sat at another table (because obviously,  we don't eat with pigs...) I chewed food and spat it at him.

Naturally, we made him pick up the debris and eat it.

Who else likes listening to a little bit of smooth Jazz, whilst engaging in some mild CBT....?

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